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Strategic Development

CCF QLD’s mission is to be the voice of the industry and to provide a high level of benefit to its members. In particular, CCF QLD is focused on ensuring the industry:

  • is professionally represented. By representing and advocating for the views of the industry to all levels of government in a timely and effective manner.
  • is informed. By delivering to members, effective and timely information about key issues.
  • has access to tools and resources that help businesses succeed. By identifying, developing and delivering tools and resources that assist members in their day-to-day operations.
  • has access to high-quality training. By delivering best practice, training by the industry, for the industry.
  • has access to opportunities to network, learn and celebrate their achievements. By delivering a range of events designed to provide members with opportunities to build relationships, be informed and have access to people of influence.
  • has access to supporting partners that extend the benefits of membership. By developing networks and relationships with organisations, that can provide additional services to members beyond those provided directly by CCF QLD; delivering real cost savings to members.

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Building Our Future Report

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