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Workforce Skills Analysis

Civil Train is Queensland’s market leader in delivering training to the civil construction industry.

Civil Train is not only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the training division of CCF but also specialises in assisting companies within industry to further development the skills within their businesses through providing workforce skills analysis. Civil Train is well positioned to offer this service due to its engagement with industry through its collaboration with CCF QLD membership.

This strategy provides a framework for businesses to determine and carry out the training needs of their team, department or company. There are several steps to the process, beginning with understanding and determining skills sets required for each member of the team and the team as a unit. The next step is evaluating the current level of skill each member possesses and then compare it to what skills are required within the team. The results of the comparison will then highlight which workers require further training and the skill set areas that need to be focused upon. CCF QLD promotes this strategy as an important tool for businesses as fully skilled and competent workers reduce time and financial waste and ensure teams, departments and businesses are operating to their full capacity and striving to success.

To find out more about how Civil Train can assist you call 1300 CCF QLD and ask for Adrian Kent, General Manager - Training Services.


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