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CCF QLD Policy Briefs are key to the advocacy activities that are undertaken by the office. All briefs are driven by both the CCF QLD Board through member consultation and via our committees who work together to identify key issues that industry are facing.

2019 – 2020 CCF QLD Update

CCF QLD increased its committee representation and more committee meetings were convened to discuss concerns within the civil construction industry, across a broad spectrum of topics. These meetings have given our members the opportunity to communicate their issues within the industry and provided a forum for members to ask for advice and share information which has acted as springboards for CCF QLD’s advocacy and policy. An overview of achievements for the 2019-2020 year are listed below:

  • CCF QLD IR/HR Committee: Drafted a submission to the National Policy Council, which, among other issues, detailed the lengthy delays in approving Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The submission requested that the current practices be reviewed and put forward recommendations. Since the submission was lodged there were several positive changes to processes at the Fair Work Commission, particularly in processing times of the EBAs. Members have been pleased to report a marked increase in service times by the FWC.
  • CCF QLD Work Health and Safety Committee: One of the recurrent issues for members was ‘fit testing’ and Respiratory Crystalline Silica (RCS). CCF QLD held a demonstration for committee members to learn the mechanisms of fit testing and the proper use of masks to guard against dangerous silica dust. CCF QLD has been invited to be part of the Steering Group Committee to assist with writing the RCS Code of Practice.
  • CCF QLD Diversity Committee: Over the year the committee has examined some of the most serious issues in contemporary society: mental health, suicide awareness and domestic and family violence. The CCF QLD Diversity Committee also recognise how the civil industry can play an important part in the lives of Australia’s indigenous communities. It also encourages the increased participation of females in the civil construction workforce.
  • CCF QLD Environmental and Sustainability Committee: Topics of discussion include consistency of Local Government regulations; ESC regulation; managing waste and emissions targets. The Committee is currently partnered with an external environmental organisation to write a submission to the Environment Minister to advocate for improved environmental regulations that are not detrimental to the civil industry. CCF QLD, through Civil Train, are developing environmental awareness and management courses
  • CCF QLD – TMR Technical Committee/Working Group: In February this year the working group had a joint meeting with the CCF QLD Board and TMR to discuss outstanding concerns on a variety of transport infrastructure queries. These queries include contract administration, Class A embankment, timeframes on lightly bound pavements, and day works - among others. TMR’s panel provided feedback and solutions to the Committee and Board where viable. Post meeting, TMR announced it is investigating some of its strategies with a view to improvement. Negotiations and discussions are currently continuing.
  • CCF QLD surveyed the prequalified CCF QLD membership base and found that most of its members have similar concerns for companies conducting business with TMR. In response to this CCF QLD has presented to the Minister for Transport pragmatic and clear solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs for both TMR and the civil construction industry.

Based on ideas put forward by the TMR Working Group and other members, CCF QLD wrote to the Deputy Director-General of Infrastructure Management and Delivery at TMR, expressing industry concern over multistage procurement practices (EOIs). This matter is currently being considered by TMR.

  • Local Government Committee: CCF QLD collaborated with the committee and provided a submission upon request for consultation to government regarding Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 2 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. CCF QLD indicated that transparency, accountability, and confidentiality were of uppermost concern when dealing with local government. CCF QLD also made several recommendations to improve transparency procedures and offer greater accountability. The Act, with amendments, received Parliament assent in October 2019.


In August 2019 a Supreme Court Queensland Judgment underpinned over ten years of CCF QLD’s advocacy efforts. The issue of whether a civil contractor requires a license under the Queensland

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