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Membership Types


Contractor member refers to persons or companies undertaking work as civil construction contractors in the civil construction industry. There are no limitations on the size of the company – our contractor members range from small businesses to multinational companies. CCF QLD is here to assist businesses of every size across the civil construction industry.

Contractor members are involved in all aspects of civil construction including:

  • roads and bridges – freeways, highways, urban and rural
  • land development – housing, commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • water treatment and reticulation
  • sewer treatment and reticulation
  • telecommunications infrastructure
  • electricity distribution
  • pipelines
  • dams
  • irrigation infrastructure
  • quarrying
  • land improvement – rural earthworks
  • general excavation
  • drainage
  • marine civil
  • retaining walls
  • rail works
  • demolition


Associate member refers to a person or company engaged in the manufacture, sale or dry hire (without operator) of plant, equipment and materials used by contractor members or who are engaged in any undertaking directly related to or in the supply of services to those contractor members including professional services such as labour hire, legal and more.

Associate members are there to specifically cater to the needs of contractor members and provide support through the services and products they provide.

Associate members include, but are not limited to:

  • manufacturers of products, such as pipes and steel
  • suppliers of raw materials, such as quarry products, concrete and bituminous products
  • equipment sales and hire
  • suppliers of fuels and lubricants
  • professional services, such as legal, accounting, recruitment, insurance and superannuation.


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