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Advocacy Activities

A sample of CCF QLD’s advocacy achievements from 2019 and beyond are listed below:

  • CCF QLD drafted a submission to the National Policy Council, which, among other issues, detailed the lengthy delays in approving Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The submission requested that the current practices be reviewed and put forward recommendations. Since the submission was lodged there were several positive changes to processes at the Fair Work Commission, particularly in processing times of the EBAs. Members have been pleased to report a marked increase in service times by the FWC.
  • CCF QLD surveyed the prequalified CCF QLD membership base and found that most of its members have similar concerns for companies conducting business with TMR. In response to this CCF QLD presented a sample of the comments, statistics and an analysis to the Minister for Transport.  This submission outlined pragmatic and clear solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs for both TMR and the civil construction industry.  Going forward, CCF QLD will be conducting the survey every 12 months to gauge improvements, failures and new issues.
  • CCF QLD collaborated with the committee and provided a submission upon request for consultation to government regarding Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 2 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. CCF QLD made several recommendations to improve transparency procedures and offer greater accountability. The Act, with amendments, received Parliament assent in October 2019.
  • CCF QLD met the Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works and put together a position paper outlining industry concerns and recommendations regarding the construction and approval of faulty retaining walls resulting in partial or full failure of the retaining wall.  CCF QLD made a list of recommendations for the improvement of these standards, including the increasing of penalties for fraudulent completion of design and inspection certificates by a RPEQ or others.

On-going advocacy matters:-

  • The CCF QLD Environmental & Sustainability Committee is currently partnered with an external environmental organisation to write a submission to the Environment Minister to advocate for improved environmental regulations and the cutting of red tape.
  • The Building Industry Fairness and Other Legislation Amendments (BIFOLA) Bill was passed by Queensland Parliament on 15 July 2020. It meant that civil contractors could be in breach of s.42 of the QBCC Act and have no recourse to payment for work carried out.  This bill essentially undid many years of successful advocacy.  CCF QLD expressed grave concerns over the Bill, namely that it did not propose an amendment for the removal of Schedule 1A s. 8 of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act. CCF QLD was informed that on 27 August 2020, a proclamation was approved to commence most of the amendments to the QBCC Act on 1 October 2020. However, the provision that removes Part 6 Section 115D of BIFOLA has NOT been included in this proclamation. This amendment will therefore not take effect at this time.  Going forward HPW will undertake further consultation with CCF QLD and other relevant industry stakeholders to fully understand implications and discuss potential solutions.   
  • CCF QLD requested its TMR qualified members provide details about project and contract administration discrepancies and associated concerns with TMR.  CCF QLD was swamped with responses outlining the problems contractors face, particularly with employing staff for project sites.  CCF QLD is currently in the process of analysing the information and creating an advocacy submission to TMR in anticipation that vital improvements be made in these areas.
  • CCF QLD has completed a draft Best Practice Guide for tendering and contract management with local government authorities.  This guide is to assist contractors to obtain fairer terms that no longer disadvantage them.  The draft is currently in review.

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