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Members are the reason CCF QLD exists and are critical to the success of the organisation. CCF QLD’s goals are to ensure members are:

  • represented – by ensuring their voice is heard at a local, state and national level
  • informed – by providing them with sound advice, the latest information and quality training
  • connected – by bringing them together with useful contacts, suppliers and each other


CCF has two types of memberships: contractor members who undertake work as civil construction contractors in the civil construction industry; and associate members who provide supplies and services to the civil construction industry.

Member Types


Contractor member refers to persons or companies undertaking work as civil construction contractors in the civil construction industry. There are no limitations on the size of the company – our contractor members range from small businesses to multinational companies; CCF QLD is here to assist businesses of every size across the civil construction industry.

Contractor members are involved in all aspects of civil construction including:

  • roads and bridges – freeways, highways, urban and rural
  • land development – housing, commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • water treatment and reticulation
  • sewer treatment and reticulation
  • telecommunications infrastructure
  • electricity distribution
  • gas pipelines
  • dams
  • irrigation infrastructure
  • quarrying
  • land improvement – rural earthworks
  • general excavation
  • demolition.


Associate member refers to a person or company engaged in the manufacture, sale or dry hire (without operator) of plant, equipment and materials used by contractor members or who are engaged in any undertaking directly related to or in the supply of services to those contractor members.

Associate members include, but are not limited to:

Associate members are there to specifically cater to the needs of contractor members and provide support through the services and products they provide.

Associate members include, but are not limited to:

  • manufacturers of products, such as pipes and steel
  • suppliers of raw materials, such as quarry products, concrete and bituminous products
  • equipment sales and hire
  • suppliers of fuels and lubricants
  • professional services, such as legal, accounting, recruitment, insurance and superannuation.


CCF membership gives businesses in the civil construction industry the opportunity to stand with like-minded organisations and be part of a high-quality and professional community.

CCF QLD provides members with the highest quality service across all areas of the civil construction industry. This ranges from, but is not limited to, advocating for businesses to government, a constant supply of up-to-date industry related news, information and complimentary services and exclusive discounts for members.

CCF QLD also offers members advice on a range of topics such as work health and safety, industrial relations, environment and much more. Our team of professionals are dedicated to supporting you.

Members are also able to promote their business through our exclusive CCF QLD member portal, which can be accessed via the CCF QLD website, as well as in our Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Guide, which is printed annually.

Ultimately, CCF membership provides you with the opportunity to be heard as part of the industry’s united voice on civil contracting matters.

Intro to Member Benefit

CCF QLD is focused on ensuring our members get the most out of their membership dollar.

That is why we deliver a flexible and multifaceted service offering. CCF QLD is dedicated to servicing its members in six primary ways to ensure they receive maximum benefit:


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Member Type

CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service

CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service provides free hotline, email and advice services to current CCF QLD contractor members. The service is designed to assist contractor members to manage workplace relations risks, avert issues from becoming disputes and to prevent disputes from becoming claims.

The service is accessible from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Advice is provided on:

  • Workplace Relations
  • Modern Award Interpretation
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Common Law Contracts
  • National and State Building Codes
  • Human Resources
  • Employment Relations

The service is included your CCF QLD Contractor Membership and is aimed to assist you to manage workplace relations risks and help prevent issues from becoming disputes and disputes from becoming claims. The CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service is accessible from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

There’s no limit to the amount of advice you can seek and the service also provides access to basic documents such as warning and dismissal documentation. To contact the CCF QLD Advisory Service, you can simply phone the hotline on 07 3360 7933 whenever you have a query about employment and workplace issues.

Where our client services or CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service team cannot assist, we have relationships with supporting partners that provide you with access to experts and in some cases at a reduced rate.

Membership to CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service also provides access to reduced rates for Industrial Relations, Workplace Relations and services including but not limited to:-

  • Single Enterprise Agreements
  • Fair Work Commission Representation including Unfair Dismissals
  • HR audit services and remediation
  • Policies and Procedures Templates
  • Handling of complex investigations into workplace problems/disciplinary matters
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Victimisation training and investigation
  • Employer Advocacy
  • Negotiations with Unions
  • Short Courses including Bullet Proof Termination Procedures, Managing Unsatisfactory Work Performance, The Essential Employers Workplace Relations Toolkit 
  • ISO Accreditation
  • Debt Collection

The service also provides access to documents such as warning and dismissal documentation.

To contact the CCF QLD Industrial and Workplace Relations Advisory Service call 07 3360 7933.

Immediate cash flow for CCF members

The Invoice Market (or TIM as most refer to them) is here to help ease your cash flow pressure from slow paying customers, seasonal fluctuations or if you just need working capital fast.

Stop waiting 30–120 days for invoices to be paid as this can slow your business growth. With flexible invoice funding, TIM establishes a facility for you, you offer your invoices, and TIM advances you the cash.

Fee-free, simple, cost-effective, and just as business should be.

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