James Burgess – CCF Client Services – Policy and Research Officer, attended an information session on the Queensland Government Strategy and Queensland Government Policy.

On the 1st of September the Queensland Government began the implementation of its new Procurement Strategy. The Strategy outlines four key objectives.

  1. to focus on economic benefits to Queensland
  2. to maximise Queensland supplier’ opportunity to participate
  3. to support regional and remote communities
  4. to stimulate the ICT sector and drive innovation

The Strategy aims to harness the Queensland Government’s spend to prioritise Queensland businesses, help create quality, local jobs in regional Queensland and help achieve the government’s social, environmental and economic objectives.

The Government’s ‘local means local’ strategy will prioritise suppliers that maintain a workforce whose usual place of residence is located within a 125km radius of where the good or services are to be supplied, before looking further afield.

The Strategy aims to drive employment and build capacity for regional Queensland through a local benefits test. Government agencies will conduct a local benefits test for all significant procurement, where a weighting of up to 30% may be applied. Agencies will ensure that at least one regional and one Queensland supplier where possible, are invited to quote or tender for every procurement opportunity.

Furthermore, the Strategy aims to deliver a more visible pipeline of opportunities for local suppliers to be coordinated on a category-by-category basis. Information about the development of Forward Procurement Pipelines can be found at www.forgov.qld.gov.au/opportunities-suppliers.

For more information about the Queensland Government’s Procurement Strategy please visit – http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/Procurement/ProcurementStrategy/Pages/default.aspx.

Implementation of the Strategy will be completed by 1st, March 2018.