Safe Work Australia’s latest report shows that in 2015-16 proactive workplace visits increased by 6 per cent and reactive workplace visits by 12 per cent compared to 2014-15.

The Comparative Performance Monitoring Report (CPM) 19th Edition Part 2 – Work health and safety compliance and enforcement activities compares the number of workplace interventions, notices and legal proceedings across Australia and New Zealand.

Key findings from the report include:

  • WHS authorities across Austra lia completed 207,036 workplace interventions in 2015-16.
  • There has been a 6 per cent increase in proactive workplace visits and a 12 per cent increase in reactive workplace visits compared to 2014-15.
  • There were over 43,000 notices issued and 35 enforceable undertakings accepted by Australian jurisdictions.
  • There were 242 legal proceedings resulting in a conviction, order of agreement and a total of $12.2 million in fines issued by Australian courts in 2015-16.

You can view the CPM Part 2 on Safe Work Australia’s website for more findings.

Safe Work Australia compiles the CPM to analyse the performance of jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand. CPM Part 1 was released in October and Part 3 will be available in early 2018.