By now you should have received a posted copy and an emailed copy of your invoice for CCF QLD Membership Renewal.

CCF QLD is committed to delivering businesses in the Civil Construction Industry the opportunity to stand with like organisations and be part of a high-quality and collegial professional community.

Why CCF QLD Membership?

CCF QLD is here for you when you need advice on a range of issues such as workplace health and safety, industrial relations, environment and much more. Our team of professionals are dedicated to supporting you by providing advice and where appropriate referring you on to specialists.

Being a part of CCF QLD continues to be extremely beneficial for your company. It’s CCF QLD’s main priority to provide our members with the highest quality service, covering a multitude of criteria across all areas of the civil construction industry. This ranges from, but is not limited to, advocating for businesses at all government levels, a constant supply of up-to-date civil related news and information and free services and extra discounts offered exclusively to CCF members.

Membership Type

CCF QLD has two types of memberships: Contractor Members who undertake work as civil construction contractors in the civil construction industry; and Associate members who provide supplies and services to the civil construction industry.

Membership Renewal Process

Renewing your membership is easy. Simply follow the below steps to ensure you don’t miss out on all the benefits of being a CCF QLD member for the 2017- 2018 financial year.

Choose one of the below options:


    1. CHEQUE: Make cheques payable to ‘Civil Contractors Federation’
    2. DIRECT DEPOSIT: Direct deposits into the following bank account: BSB: 124 050 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10255258
    3. CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: One off upfront membership fee – Payment by Credit Card will incur the following charges Visa and MasterCard 2%, AMEX 4%
    4. PAYMENT PLAN: Equal monthly payments to have full membership completed by the end of the third quarter (31 March). All payment plans require CCF QLD CEO approval and will incur a 5% administration charge.


Members are the reason CCF QLD exists and are critical to the success of the organisation

Renew your membership today!