A primary duties regime has been added to the CoR legislation due to commence in mid-2018 as part of legislative amendments within the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).  To assist industry’s understanding and awareness of the new CoR law, build industry capability and improve safety the NHVR commenced the CoR/Safety Industry Capability & Awareness Program in January 2017 which is being delivered over a number of phases.

Phase 1 of the program has been successfully delivered with over 70 CoR/Safety industry information and awareness sessions held from January to August 2017 at over 60 venues nationally.  This also included information, education material and videos available on the NHVR website supported by advertising through roadside and mobile billboards, publications and rural press.

Commencing 3 October and running to the end of November 20017, Phase 2 will assist industry to assess their compliance with the CoR laws, manage risk and improve safety.  NHVR resources will include a CoR Gap Assessment Tool (on-line) and a Risk Management Guide, delivered through a series of 26 sessions at 20 venues nationally.  Some of the information sessions are already booked out so I encourage you to book in to a session if you haven’t already done so. To find out more information and access some of the resources, visit www.nhvr.gov.au under the Chain of Responsibility banner.

For more information, please contact Tony Kursius on 07 3309 8566 / tony.kursius@nhvr.gov.au or Callum Fraser on 07 3309 8616 / callum.fraser@nhvr.gov.au